Tennessee Bigfoot Conference

October 25-27, 2019 - Kingsport, TN

All activities to be held at

853 Bays Mountain Rd
Kingsport, TN 37660
(423) 229-9447

Includes soft drinks!

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Tennesee Bigfoot University 2019

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TN Bigfoot Conference 2019

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6-8:30 PM, FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, 2018

The VIP reception is Friday from 6-8:30PM (location TBA in Kingsport, TN). At this event, ticketholders will get to speak with the following luminaries of the Bigfoot, UFO, Entertainment and Paranormal world. VIP tickets include a conference Tshirt and a special conference-edition copy of the book "Bigfoot Explorers" by Dr. John Stamey. VIP TICKETS INCLUDE A TWO-DAY PASS (FRIDAY AND SATURDAY) TO THE TENNESSEE BIGFOOT CONFERENCE.

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JEN & JENA are coming all the way from Minnesota & North Dakota! She-Squatchers came together in 2015 to begin their "All Female Bigfoot Experiment," as the Midwest's first all-female bigfoot research team. They aren't just women in the woods, they are psychic women in the woods, utilizing their extra senses on their quest to find and interact with Bigfoot. The team is headed by missing person's psychic medium and remote viewer, Jen Kruse. Always by her side is the teammate known for her fearless sense of adventure, Jena Grover. Together, Jen & Jena have had some amazing experiences, including close calls with rocks being thrown at them from the trees above. They have found amazing evidence which has convinced them that there is definitely something out there! They are literally traveling from coast to coast this year, speaking at conventions, to share what they have found and experienced.

Papa Stro Maestro
Popular entertainer and wrestler, Papa Stro Maestro (Rob Kellum) was a superstar in the WCW and has wrestled professionally for almost twenty-five years. He currently holds four world heavyweight wrestling titles. Papa Stro is also an actor, having appeared in Good Behavior, One Tree Hill, Checkpoint (movie), The Rack Pack (movie), and currently stars as The Chief in the award-winning Internet series, Dusk. A biographical film “Maestro” is currently on the film festival circuit and is due to be released in 2019. He hosts the weekly podcast "WCW Retro" on the VOC Nation, and is a co-host of Comic Con Stars.

Matthew Delph
Matt is an experienced Bigfoot explorer and researcher. He is currently the leader of MECRO (Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization). He is from southwestern Virginia, where he regularly spends time in the woods with his research group on the hunt for Bigfoot. Matt is the co-author of “Liardman, Bigfoot and Friends: with Dr. John Stamey.

Angelia Sheer
Angelia is the head of Tennessee MUFON and is an experienced paranormal investigator. We are pleased to have her at Tennessee Bigfoot Conference to talk about UFO encounters that relate to bigfoot sightings. One of these is chronicled in the new book "Bigfoot Explorers."

Bigfoot Bob
Alex Bobulinski (Bigfoot Bob) is a paranormal investigator and cryptid researcher from Birmingham, Alabama. Over the last 10 years, his search for the creatures of our folklore has taken him on foot from Maine to Georgia and beyond. Alex submerges himself deep in remote areas, often alone, to capture evidence of some of the world's most elusive creatures. Alex runs two YouTube channels where he shares his footage and investigations with over 35,000 subscribers and millions of viewers. His passion for things unknown and seemingly fearless nature help continue to grow his channels and bring awareness to the myths and legends that exist all around us. Join Bigfoot Bob on his journeys across the country, and see what mysteries are waiting to be uncovered.

Dr. John Stamey
Dr. John Stamey received his doctorate from NC State University in Raleigh. During his three years in that program, he was also a research associate for the Rhine Research Center in Durham, working with renowned researchers such as Dr. Sally Rhine Feather. His current book is "Bigfoot Explorers" and talks about both the historical and current well-known explorers for the mysterious cryptid. Dr. Stamey also runs the SC Lizardman Festival and Charlotte CryptoCon. This weekend, he will be talking about "Faster Than the Speed of Light" - particles and entities in the Universe that do move faster than the speed of light, and how these particles have contributed to Dr. Ronald Bryan's famous model of multiple dimensions and the experience of those with near-death experiences who have been told to "go to the light." Dr. Stamey is also the host of podcasts Comic Con Stars and ScaryCast.