Tennessee Bigfoot Conference

October 15-17, 2021 - Kingsport, TN

All activities to be held at

853 Bays Mountain Rd
Kingsport, TN 37660
(423) 229-9447

BIGFOOT TALKS FRIDAY 10/15/2021 11AM to 5:30PM

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SATURDAY Oct. 16 Tickets


Sunday Bigfoot Exploration October 17

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TN Bigfoot Conference 2021

2021 Vendor Tables

Bigfoot University TM
A Revolution in Education on Hominology and the Forest People

About Bigfoot University

The idea of formal education on the world of Bigfoot and Hominology is actually quite revolutionary. We are the first group of faculty who have committed to the formal study of Hominology and teaching of the marvelous subject about the Forest People.

We currently provide one-day seminars including lecture, a scholarly textbook, and a field experience. Below, we detail more about our program, and hope that you will join us!

International Faculty

Our internationally known faculty bring a wealth of experience to the lecture portion of Bigfoot University. The Faculty is, like great universities such as Harvard and the University of Melbourne (Australia), in control of the University. By avoiding non-academic administrators, we provide a better and more content-oriented program for participants. Our each Bigfoot University session is taught by members of our faculty:

  • Dr. Igor Burtsev, Distinguished International Professor
  • Janice Carter, Professor
  • Matthew Delph, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Melba Ketchum, Distinguished Professor
  • Robin Hanes McCray, Professor
  • Dr. John Stamey, Professor and Dean of Bigfoot University
  • Greg Yost (Squatchman), Professor
  • Eugene Yost, Associate Professor
Directed research leading to publication is also offered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Dean for further information. We welcome such inquiries! Please email


Our full-day experience will begin with continental breakfast at 9AM followed by a round-table discussion with our faculty. They will lecture from their wide range of experiences and will be glad to answer questions from participants.

Next will be an exploratory trip into the woods, looking for evidence of Bigfoot including fresh tracks and stick structures. Cameras are welcome! Be sure to bring a backpack and plenty of water.

The event includes a complementary ($15) copy of the most current edition of "Bigfoot Explorers and Introduction to Hominology" by Dr. John Stamey, Dr. Igor Burtsev and Robin McCray. Participants will also be included in our private Facebook group, moderated by Robin McCray and Dr. John Stamey.

Certification and Certificate of Completion

All participants who complete the full day of training will receive a certificate of completion for their full-day Bigfoot University seminar, suitable for framing.

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